Why Fabrics?

As Oriental Overseas is a business that got its start in the world of textile manufacturing, an very natural question to ask is, “Why did choose fabrics and textiles as your entryway into the world of entrepreneurship and business?”

It’s a very fair question as to most people not in the business of textiles; it probably seems incredibly bland and boring. And, in a way they are correct.

However, like many other industries, the more you get involved, the more interesting it gets. You learn about different fabrics, different qualities, different patterns, and more. You learn about different cultures from their preferences.

Just like cars, football, guitars, and many other things, the more you learn, the more you become interested. But that isn’t the only reason why we chose the textile industry, particularly fabrics.

Fabrics are everywhere. They are like a commodity, like aluminum and soap, but they are not. Although you find them everywhere, in pillowcases, in sofas, in clothes, in carpets, etc., they are not viewed in the same way as most commodities.

Fabrics have an intrinsic artistic value, which makes them stand apart. Silk is luxurious. Cotton is natural. Synthetic blends are economical.

When you work in an industry that is intermingled with so many other industries, it gives you a unique opportunity. We had the luxury of learning about dozens of other businesses.

When a furniture maker in Malaysia needed a customized order, we needed to learn about furniture. We also had the chance to learn about how to do business with companies located in Malaysia.

When a clothing manufacturer based in the UK contacted us, we needed to learn about sportswear. We also had the chance to learn about how to do business with companies located in the UK.

When a decorative tapestry shop from Brazil wanted a new supplier, we needed to learn about decorative tapestries. We also had the chance to learn about how to do business with companies located in Brazil.

It should be easy to see a pattern forming.

By focusing on one core product that many other businesses need globally, it opened the doors for us to learn about other industries and business cultures. We also made invaluable contacts along the way.

From small business owner to purchasing managers for Fortune 500 owned businesses, when you work with materials, the world is yours. It allows you to go from just a local shop to one that can be successful overseas.

So, that’s why we chose fabrics. It let us start small and grow big. It let us get cash flow while learning more and forming new relationships.

And, that’s what business is after all: cash flow and relationships.


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