Way to Live Ethically Without Changing Your Diet

If there’s any one defining aspect of what it means to be Asian, it’s that food is an extremely important part of your life. Food is such a major part of almost any Asian culture in the world.

If you doubt that, just look at how much a part of Chinese, Thai, and Japanese culture it is. From friend rice to Pad Thai and sushi, food matters.

That’s why it’s hard to jump on board the ethically friendly diets such as a vegan one. If you are attached to your culture’s food, it might just be impossible to switch.

But, you can still make changes to live a more ethical lifestyle. Here are some of those changes.

Go Vegan Where You Can

If you can’t change your diet, or if you simply don’t want to, it doesn’t mean you can’t change other things. Part of being a vegan is trying to limit the suffering of other life. Aside from stopping eating meat or using foods like milk, you have other options.

For instance, you can start using bath and body products that are manufactured in an ethical manner. Examples of that would be only use makeup that is not tested on animals, and choose to use cruelty free and vegan shampoo.

You can even opt for vegan friendly products like shaving cream too.

Make Small Food Changes

If you can’t go 100% vegan as far as your diet in concerned, you can still make some changes. You don’t have to stop eating meat and using butter completely cold turkey (see what I did there).

You can make minor changes like by choosing to use vegan friendly chocolate and buy vegan friendly desserts and leave the old milk chocolate in your past. There are tons of desserts that don’t use animal products.

While it’s not going completely cruelty free, it’s one step in the right direction. And, every little step counts, so give it a try and see if it sticks.

Think Sustainable

Another big positive change you can make to your lifestyle is to start choosing sustainable products instead of those that cause harm to the Earth. Stop using plastics that will sit in landfills for centuries upon centuries. Instead, use biodegradable and sustainable products.

This is much easier than trying to completely change the way you eat. For one, it doesn’t really interfere with your cultural experience. Also, there are so many products that fit this description, it doesn’t take much extra time to make sure you’re getting something green as opposed to something that’s not.

Some items you can opt for are anything you can replace with a bamboo variant, stop using plastic straws and replace them with reusable ones or just stop using them all together, and be very careful with buying from stores that overdo it on packaging.


You don’t have to drop your eating habits to try and live a more ethical lifestyle. You have so many small changes you can make on other parts of your life. They will all add up. Give it a try.

Urban to Rural – What a Difference

China is full of cities with massive populations. Everyone has heard of Beijing and Shanghai, but there are some many smaller cities with upwards of a million residents.

Even smaller communities have city-like feelings and are their own mini concrete jungles. So, after spending your entire life in such a place, moving to one of the many wide-open settings that a country like Canada has to offer is eye opening.

Here are some of the biggest differences thus far.

Clean Air

The air everywhere is so fresh. Besides being able to see for miles on a sunny day, unlike the view in many of the urban centers in China, every breath is refreshing.

It actually gives you a little burst of energy instead of giving you a little bit of a cough.

It also smells wonderful. It’s a little dry in the cold months, but in the warmer months you can smell the nature all around.

The nice clean air and lack of lights also makes night really amazing. There are so many visible starts it’s actually quite astonishing.

So, basically less pollution air and less light pollution.

It Gets Cold

There are plenty of areas that get cold in China. Harbin has some of the best skiing in the entire world. But, due to the sprawling cites and populations, it just feels different.

When you are in a very rural setting, the chill feels much deeper.

I am sure that Canadian and Chinese temperatures must get similarly low, but Canada feels so much colder. It could be the lack of a proper heating system too.

Living in a cabin where your heat mostly comes from the ambient heat of the day’s sun and a fireplace, you really rely on that fireplace. And a fireplace needs firewood.

Luckily there’s kind of a community gas powered log splitter that all the neighbors share. As long as you pay for your share of gas, everyone is happy.

It’s fast and much better than trying to use an axe.

There’s Much Less Stress

When you aren’t dealing with elbow-to-elbow people, and you aren’t working in a crowded noisy office with managers who have unreasonable expectations, your stress melts away.

When you instead worry about making a simple meal, making sure you have enough firewood to stay warm, and spend your time outside improving your general surroundings, you feel relaxing and surprisingly fulfilled.

Best of all, you sleep like a rock!

There can be moments of boredom, especially if there’s poor weather, but you get poor weather in cities as well.


The urban life might not be all that’s its cracked up to be. It’s fun while you are younger, but the pollution and stress take their tool.

The fact that you can feel fulfilled while living a simple rural life is surprising, but amazing. It’s probably much healthier too since you have clean air, get daily exercise, and don’t have extreme amounts of stress.

If you haven’t yet tried it, you should. Even if you just go rural for a vacation.

Chinese Investment Policies

Over the last decade, Chinese investment policies has undergone major changes. This is mainly due to a convention for determining the investment policy of China that was held at Macau, an island located off the coast of mainland of China.

Macau has now become an integral part of China after remaining in the Portuguese possession for years. In this convention a few major changes were declared by the Chinese government. In this convention a few laws, regulations and policies were promulgated by the government of China which went into effect almost a decade ago. These laws, policies and regulations have had direct bearing upon the Chinese investment policies. Economy and trade of People's Republic of China has been greatly influenced by these rules and regulations.

The various laws which were announced in this convention of Macau included a new kind of income tax law. This law put great impact on the Chinese investment policies. One of the main concerns of the government of China is that this government try to increase the rate of employment in the country. Chinese government wanted and still wants new investment to be employment oriented. The laws of contract regulating the employment of labors in the various sectors of Chinese economy demands serious attention.

Efforts have been made in the convention at Macau to make a law which will settle many matters related with employment in China. China is now a member of World Trade Organization or WTO. An effective anti-monopoly is on the anvil to solve the issue related with problem of monopoly. To give the investors in China a clear idea about the policies of the Chinese government a very effective trade policy has often been mooted by the government. This policy showed clear direction about the business opportunities in China.

This very important seminar was jointly organized by People's republic of China's Ministry of Commerce and Economic Services and Trade and Investment Promotion Institute. This seminar was held at Lotus room of the 5th floor of the World Trade Center, Macau on 14 of December from 9.30am to 12 noon.

Some important factors that greatly influenced the Chinese investment policies included the following:

1. Chinese government had taken steps to open the automotive industry of the country in a greater way than ever to the private investors of the country. Brilliance Auto was the first company who was allowed to invest in this sector. This decision surely impacted Chinese investment policies.

2. Government of China have taken a major decision to open up the domestic market of refined oil products to the foreign investors. This is one of the major decisions related with the Chinese investment policies. In the recent years a very important joint investment venture has been settled between the Second largest oil company of the nation and Royal/Dutch Shell and Sinopec.

The two companies will now jointly operate petrol stations in China.

3. The idea of investing in logistics to aid in more profitable and expedited shipping from China to trade partners was discussed and agreed upon.

Looking back, this meeting in Macau was truly a groundbreaking moment in the growth of China over the last decade.

Best Headphones Under 50: Do AirDrives Make the List

You can not be selfish and think that you are the only one who wants to enjoy good music in privacy. Your 10-year old son or daughter does too. There are many excuses we adults give as to why we should not buy headphones for our kids but these are all nullified by the AirDrives.

Same goes for those adults with small ears who think that no pair of headphones is ever going to fit them. Simply put, for adults with small ears and kids, these are the best headphones for running, playing and almost anything else. And they are easy on the pocket too!

So it was with great pleasure the the experts at Earmuffs.com put together a giant review of the top affordable headphones on the market. If you need headphones under $50 then this is the guide for you. The question remains, will the versatile AirDrives make the list this time?

Fits All Ears

The AirDrives are like a new headphone form factor altogether. One that works universally for all ears regardless of age, sex, ear-size and levels of tolerance. How hard can it be to match a pair of headphones to any set of ears if you don’t have to put any ear-buds or ear-tips into your ears?

Up until the AirDrives, there hasn’t really a single perfect headphone form factor. If you are wondering how many types of headphones there are, please read how to get your best headphones form factor on our Headphones 101 section here.

In-ear ear-bud headphones have their fair share of followers and these are users who would never try any over-the-ear configuration. Fans of over-the-ear settings like headband headphones will not have anything to do with in-ear cans either. Unknown to either sets of listeners, there are good features they miss out on by picking sides this way.
earmuff.com guide
The annual "headphones under 50" by Earmuff.com

The AirDrives comes to bring them the best of both sides and create a neutral ground for both sets of antagonists. Issues of discomfort are ultimately eliminated because no part of these cans goes into your ears. Rather, speakers are held close to your ear in a very subtle way. You only have to get these to see how they work.

A Pair for the Kids

The AirDrives is the best gift you can get your kid today. Using proprietary sound levelling technology, sound is kept at child-safe levels. It goes without saying that the levels of sound your ears can take are not the same your kid’s ears can take. You will find that even ramping up the volume on these cans to insane levels with not rattle your child’s eardrums.

Another great feature is the complete lack of noise isolation. For a kid this is good because he will be able to hear you when you call him for dinner (or to clean his or her room!). For you not so much, but oh well…

Again, if some adults have small ears, kids have even smaller ones. It is very hard to find a pair of cans that can fit your child’s ears subtly and even if you happen to, you will find their design makes it appear like they pinched yours while you were asleep. The AirDrives are perfect for kids. With no ear-tips or ear-buds that go into the ears, they will get to enjoy the comfort, but that’s not everything.

Safety comes into play too. Any child play that involves putting objects into their ears does not end well most of the time. This is why these are simply perfect for your child.

Adults with Small Ears

Do not be worried or ashamed that you share the same tastes for headphones with your child – it only goes to show that indeed it is your child and your ear configurations have been so meticulously transferred to him.

So many music lovers have given up hope of finding good earphones because none will fit their small ears. Those pairs that did were either miniature models that sounded as miniature as their designs and others had this or that deficiency. Like those models with beautifully sculptured foam tips that comfort the inside of your ear and yet conduct funny sounds when the cord is touched.

The AirDrives are here to bring salvation to the frustrated. If you don’t have to put it in your ear, then it does not matter how small your ears are. One size fits all.

Secure Fit Great for Running

AirDrives could not have made better use of cord than what they did with the AirDrives. The cord is allowed to loop around your ear along with part of the construction that so subtly houses the speakers. The cord is adjustable so you know what that means..

It means that you can set the headphones to fit you as securely as you want around your ears. With this capability, they will stay in place even during long runs, and at the same time they will ensure you enjoy rather than endure wearing them during exercise. There is nothing more a runner could ask for. And by a runner, we mean a kid, a woman, a man – anybody who runs.

The AirDrives
are not for you if:

You Are Looking for Noise Cancellation or Isolation
AirDrives engineered these not to have that feature in order to be good for children so do not take them into an airplane or any other noisy place hoping for silence.

Learning About Doing Business Internationally

When you start out as a local business you get to know your community. You get to know customers large and small by their names. You even get to know their families.

You learn all the small quirks and minor hoops you need to jump through to do business locally. You get to know shipping rates, taxes, and everything else. It takes while to really get a grasp of everything that goes into running a successful local shop or service business.

Then, you decide you’re doing so well that it’s time to expand. It may seem like a very logically and easy next step, but there’s a very big part of growth many people overlook: logistics.

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Why Fabrics?

As Oriental Overseas is a business that got its start in the world of textile manufacturing, an very natural question to ask is, “Why did choose fabrics and textiles as your entryway into the world of entrepreneurship and business?”

It’s a very fair question as to most people not in the business of textiles; it probably seems incredibly bland and boring. And, in a way they are correct.

However, like many other industries, the more you get involved, the more interesting it gets. You learn about different fabrics, different qualities, different patterns, and more. You learn about different cultures from their preferences.

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About OO

Oriental Overseas started as one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of an exquisite range of Silk & other textiles material to various parts of the world. We are a government recognized company, and have our main office in New Delhi (capital city of India).

Incorporated by a team of young and dynamic entrepreneurs, who believe that quality, reliability and customer satisfaction are the three most important ingredients for success in any field & that commitment once made should invariably be honored. This mantra has given Oriental a clear edge over its competitors.

With its own exotic range of designs, Oriental succeeded in its goal of making valuable contributions to the international haute couture, manufacturing and exporting Fabrics, Made-ups, Accessories and Home Furnishings to various countries like the United States, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Greece, Germany, Spain, Portugal, France and U.A.E. to name a few.

Apart from our Export office in New Delhi we have our own weaving and processing facility of dyeing, printing and embroidery in Bangalore, Varanasi & Bhagalpur.

Our main line of business is still Fabrics which are 100% Silk : Taffeta, Dupion, Satin, Crepe, Georgette, Organza, Noil, Matka etc. We also have Silk in different blends of Polyesters, Viscose & Cotton. All our products are available in Plain, Checks, Stripes, with Cutwork, in Jacquards, Prints & with Embroidery.

Aside from our fabrics we also manufacturer & export : Curtains, Bed Cover, Cushion Covers and other Home Furnishing Articles. We also explore business and fine culture all over the world.